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Equipment - Maintenance:

a. Microform Readers/Printers

There are 9 microform reader/printers in the Periodicals Room: three Canon Microfilm File Printers 400, four Minolta RP605Z and two Fuji FMRP 30AU. In addition, there is one opaque reader. Equipment maintenance (adding toner, drum rotation, etc, excluding clearing paper jams and loading papers) is to be performed by the Periodicals staff. It would be costly if wrong toner is used on different reader/printers.

Canon Microfilm File Printers 400

Daily maintenance

These machines are purchased between 2000 and 2001. They are relatively trouble-free, easy to convert for use between microfilm or microfiche. On screen images can be zoomed in or out by rotating the zoom lenses. The printers are HP laser printers, therefore will require toner cartridges, which will last about a semester, depending on the usage. Printing is in bi-mode, However, unlike the Minolta machines, no separate positive or negative toners are required. Make sure we always have two extra toner cartridges in the supply closet.

Adding Toner

The Canon Reader/printers use the Canon MP10 toner cartridges.
When toner is low, the printer will indicate this with a "low toner" light. Printing will stop when the low toner light comes on. Do not replace the toner right away. Open the printer cover, remove the toner cartridge, shake vigorously for a few seconds, and replace the toner cartridge back to printer. This action will allow the printer to continue to make numerous prints. Perform this action a few times until no more prints can be made. Replace with a new toner cartridge.

Clearing Paper Jams

Paper jam seldom occurs. If it happens, it is usually inside the printer and can be removed
easily. Open the printer cover, remove the printer cartridge, and then remove the paper lodged
in the printer compartment.
Replace the toner cartridge, and cover.

Loading Paper Tray

The paper tray is located in the front bottom of the printer. It accommodates about 100 sheets
of laser-quality bond paper. Always "fan" the papers before filling them in the tray.
Do not over-filled, as this will create paper jams.
Check to make sure the paper sits inside the "guides", or paper jams will occur.
The paper tray should be set at " LTR R", or it will not print.

The paper for the reader/printers is stored in the Technical Services. Keep the paper used for
the copying machines separate from that of the reader/printers. Do not use the paper from
the copying machines or vice versa, as the Library buys the paper for the reader/printers
whereas the copier vendor supplies paper for the 5 copying machines.
Mark clearly on the cover that the pack of paper is for reader/printers use only.

If more serious problem that requires a service call, place an " out of order" sign on the
machine, call for repair service, record on the log book the date and the nature of the problem.
The service technician will be here within 24 hours.

Minolta RP 605 Z

Daily maintenance

The Minolta reader/printers were purchased between 1990-2000 to replace the 3M
reader/printers. These machines require more maintenance than the Canon machines.
Every morning, check the toner reservoir, add more toner if needed. Care should be taken not
to over-filled and not to spill the toner. After adding toner, rotate the print-drum to distribute the
toner for even printing.
The machine will also indicate low toner or if the "excess toner container" needs to be replaced.
It will not work until the proper action is taken.

Adding Toner

Only genuine Minolta MT toners are used.
These machines are bi-mode (print in positive or negative mode), and require adding the
positive and negative toners separately. The positive toner (P-P) is in a yellow bottle,
while the negative one (N-P) is in a self-contained long black tube.
In addition, they also require new starter toners (positive and negative) be installed periodically
by the service technician, usually during the annual PM maintenance service.
Schedule the annual PM maintenance service in September before the Fall semester starts.

Clearing Paper Jams

Paper jams occur often, and the machine will indicate where the paper jam occurs:
   P1 = in the front by the paper tray;
   P2 = in the "rollers" by the toner reservoir;
   P3 = in the back of the machine.
When removing the paper, be careful not to tear or force it out of the jammed area.
Turn the "rollers" to ease the jammed paper out.

Loading Paper Tray

Paper tray is located in the front of the machine. When removing the paper tray,
tilt up the tray and pull out.
DO NOT pull the paper tray straight out. It will break the paper "sensors" on both sides of the
tray. Once the "sensor" is broken, the machine will register error message and indicate "no
paper", and it will not print if the error message appears.
The paper tray will accommodate about 100 sheets of bond paper. Do not over-filled.
Machine will have frequent paper jams if it is over-loaded with paper.

Changing Zoom Lenses

Zoom lenses for these machines are inter-changeable. Extra lenses, including two 87X, are
stored in the black supply cabinet in the Technical Services area. The 87X lenses can only be
used on Minolta E only, and they are used for viewing the LAC and LEL microbook collections.
The "lenses/light setting" must be set according to the corresponding lenses to regulate and
allow the right amount of light through.

Changing Light Bulb

Occasionally, the light bulb will burned out. Spare halogen bulbs are kept in the Technical
Services. Pull out the bulb receptacle on the front left-hand side of the machine. Remove the
burned bulb and replace it with a new one. Carefully slide the receptacle back in place, making
sure that it is connected or plugged into the electrical source of the machine securely.
Take note of the inventory if extra halogen bulbs need to be ordered.

Fuji FMRP 30AU

Daily maintenance

The two Fuji reader/printers are without service contracts as they seldom require repairs.
Special photo-sensitive roll paper and toners are required for them. The size of the print-out
can be custom-selected ranging from 8 - 17 inches long. This feature is especially desirable
for printing articles from newspapers. Both the Canon or Minolta readers printers are equipped
with universal carriers (UC-1) which make converting between fiche or film readers simple and
easy. It is harder and awkward to do so on the Fuji as the fiche or film carriers must be
physically removed and changed into a different carrier. Hence, the Fuji reader printers are set
up for microfilm use only.

Changing Zoom Lenses

The machines do not print in bi-mode. On screen image cannot be zoom in or out as fixed
lenses are used. Individual interchangeable fixed lenses of 15X, 23X, 35X , 45X and 72X are
kept in the Technical Services area. Remove the lens from the lens-receptacle located in the
front of the machine and drop in the desire lens-magnification. Make sure to return the lens
after use to the Technical Services for safe-keeping.

Loading Paper

Care should be taken to install the Fuji RP roll-paper as it is not as simple as loading the papers
on the other reader/printers. Make sure the "rollers" sit on the tracks, and the paper feeds
through correctly in a clock-wise position. Test print a copy.

Clearing Paper Jams

A paper jam seldom occurs. If it happens, it is usually at the exit slot for the printed copy.
Open the cover for the compartment on the left side where the roll of photo-sensitive paper
resides. Remove the roll of paper to check for paper jam. Gently remove or clear any visible
paper pieces. Do not use force, or small pieces of torn paper will lodge in the hard-to get area,
thus requiring service from the technician .
Replace the roll of photo-sensitive paper back on the tracks. "Re-thread" the paper through its
proper path by inserting and rolling the paper into the feeder.

Adding Toner

Make sure only the Fuji RP toner is used on the Fuji machines, otherwise the service technician
will have to be called to remove the wrong toner from the machine, and it is a chargeable
service even if we have a valid up to date service contract.
Open the cover for the compartment on the right side of the Fuji reader/printer.
Gently empty an entire bottle of Fuji toner into the toner receptacle, sprinkling and distributing it
throughout the entire length of the receptacle. This is to make sure that the toner is evenly
distributed so that image on the print copies made will be even.
Replace the cover.

b. Copying Machines

Maintenance for the 3 copying machines in the periodicals department is the responsibility of the Circulation staff. Report all problems to the Circulation staff.

c. Coin Boxes and Change Machine

Coin Boxes from Reader/printers

The keys for the coin boxes are clearly marked and kept in the key box.
Open and empty coins from each of the Individual coin boxes attached to the reader/printers at least once a week.
Coins collected from each reader/printers are kept separately so that the usage of the machines can be measured by the amount of money collected from each.
Count the coins, keeping $5.00 in each "envelop".
Record the amount on the form for each machine.
Tally and record the final count.

Dollar- Bill-Changer

The AC 1001 dollar-bill-changer was purchased in June 1999 to provide change for use on the
microform readers/printers.
The hopper can accommodate up to 1600 quarters, however it is set to accept one-dollar bill,
and dispense dimes only.
When the hopper is near empty, a red warning light comes on, and the bill-changer will not
accept dollar bills.
Check and reload dimes every two weeks, more frequently if needed.

Open the changer with the key kept in the key box. Turn the power off. Remove the dollar-
bills, and pour the dimes (pre-determined amount, such as $200.00 or $300.00) into the
hopper. Turn the power back on. This will re-set the red warning light. Close and lock the

Count the dollar bills collected. Record the total amount collected, and the dimes added to the
bill changer for accounting purposes.
Deposit the dollar bills to the library account. If necessary, keep and use part of the dollar bills
to purchase additional dimes as reserve for the bill changer before depositing the dollar bills.
Always keep $250.00 dimes on reserve to replenish the bill-changer.



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