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The Master of Arts in Education (MAED) Program helps certified professionals develop into master teachers by offering coursework leading to an array of graduate level instructional and educational services endorsements.  Through the MAED program, students will strengthen content knowledge, learn new instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse students, and develop as teacher researchers.  The MAED program is accredited through The Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

Track Offerings

The MAED program offers the following degree options:

Content, Instruction, and Assessment Track

The Content, Instruction, and Assessment track is designed to meet the needs of practicing teachers through a flexible course of study.  Students take a core of pedagogy and research courses that prepare teachers to meet the needs of their 21st century students through instruction and assessment.  The remaining courses emphasize furthering content knowledge and may be taken from the areas of ESL, or Special Education.  Endorsements can also be earned in Bilingual/Bicultural, and ESL as part of the Content, Instruction, and Assessment track.  The flexibility of the track provides the opportunity for teachers to tailor the program to their own individual needs.

Content, Instruction, and Assessment Curriculum Worksheet

Principal/Supervisor Track (Online)

The Principal/Supervisor track graduate program for practicing educators leads to administrative certification in both school supervisor and principal endorsements.  The program reflects current research that educational leaders must be prepared to lead schools to higher student achievement. The program is designed to develop educators into instructional leaders who:

  • Provide a vision for the future
  • Create and sustain a culture for learning and growth
  • Manage and align resources to provide a safe, efficient and effective organization
  • Collaborate with school and community stakeholders
  • Serve with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner
  • Advocate for learners at all levels

New Jersey Department of Education Licensure Code requires three years of successful teaching and/or educational services experience for applying to the State for a Supervisor certificate and five years of successful teaching and/or educational services experience for applying to the State for a Principal certificate.  The school leader candidate will have to possess a valid provisional or standard certificate and a Master's degree.

The following options are available to you in Stockton's MAED program: 

MAED Degree with Supervisor and Principal Endorsement- 36 credits
Supervisor and Principal Endorsement for Qualified Masters Degree Holders - 30 credits
Principal Endorsement for Supervisor Endorsement Holders -18 credits

Reading Specialist Track (Online)

Our Reading Specialist track leads to the New Jersey reading specialist endorsement and prepares teachers to plan literacy programs appropriate for children of differing abilities and diverse cultural backgrounds.  Applicants for the track must hold a Standard certificate and have successfully completed a minimum of one year of teaching, with the understanding that two years of successful teaching must be completed before being allowed to apply for the Reading Specialist Endorsement.

Reading Specialist Curriculum Worksheet

Special Education Track (Online)

The Special Education track leads to a New Jersey Endorsement as a Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TOSD). Through the Special Education track students will be prepared to work with students with a wide range of disabilities.  Students who already hold a TOSD certificate can use their course of study to expand their knowledge and expertise in the field of Special Education.

Special Education Curriculum Worksheet

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Admissions Requirements

Application Deadline
Fall: July 1
Spring: December 1




Prerequisite Requirements

  • A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education;
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.75 (3.0 for Principal track);
  • NJ teaching certificate (standard, provisional, or certificate of eligibility with advanced standing).

To be considered for admission to the MAED/Educational Endorsement Program, applicants must submit the following prior to the deadline:

  1. Discover Stockton Online Application (you must create a Discover Stockton Account)
    • If you are a recent Stockton graduate, check to see if you qualify for the Direct Entry Option.
  2. Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable), submitted with your online application
  3. Graduate Essay
  4. Copy of Teaching Certificate (standard, provisional or certificate of eligibility with advanced standing);
  5. Three current letters of recommendation written specifically for MAED/Educational-Related program admission from current/former administrators sent electronically via the Discover Stockton Application
  6. Testing Requirements taken within the last ten years (waived for master's degree holders from an accredited college/university)
  7. Resume
  8. Official Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended (including Stockton) mailed or dropped off directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions

Candidates seeking an LDT/C Endorsement must meet the above requirements and in addition have two years of successful teaching experience.  Similarly, those seeking a Principal Endorsement must meet all requirements listed above and have:

  1. A cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.00 when a GPA of 4.00 equals an A grade in a baccalaureate degree program, higher degree program or in a State-approved post-baccalaureate certification program with a minimum of 13 semester-hours.
  2. Three (3) years of successful teaching experience under Provisional and/or Standard certificate.
  3. Three (3) current letters of recommendation written specifically for admission to the MAED Program from current or former administrators familiar with your work who can comment on your background, experiences, capacity to succeed, etc. Employers, supervisors, superintendents, principals, or other professionals are appropriate choices; friends, family or fellow students are not.
  4. Completion of the MAED Essay answering the following 2 questions:
    • In what ways do your academic background and your professional experiences provide evidence of your potential for success in the program you selected and in your eventual career? Please give specific examples of relevant coursework and/or experience.
    • Describe your vision of educational leadership and explain why others would want to be led by you?

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The MAED program also offers Educational Endorsements:

  • ESL/Bilingual/Bicultural (Online)
  • Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant
  • Special Education (Online)
  • Supervisor (Online)
  • Principal (Online)

Apply today.  If you have further questions, Request More Information, view Frequently Asked Questions, or please call the Graduate Admissions Office at (609) 626-3640 or E-mail

Stockton University's Master of Arts in Education Program, which is designed to help certified professionals develop into master teachers, is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) for a period of five years, from 2008 to 2013. This accreditation certifies that the Master of Arts in Education program has provided evidence that it adheres to TEAC’s quality principles.

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