For your safety call the police

Campus Police Department

For your safety call the police

When a police officer arrives, describe what happened.  Tell the officer about any injuries such as bruises, cuts, redness, or tender areas.  Also let the officer know if anyone else witnessed the incident and can support your statement.  The officer will decide if there is enough evidence to make an arrest.

If arrested, the offender will be taken away and secured until appearing before a Judge who will determine the terms and conditions of the release.

Once an offense is referred to the courts for action, you, the victim, will be kept informed of all aspects of the proceedings according to the victims' rights law.  Victims of crime are encouraged to participate in the judicial process.

The penalties for an offender found guilty of domestic violence related crime vary greatly.  The court may be able to order the offender into a counseling program to begin breaking the cycle of violence.