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Promotions/Promotional Announcements

Promotional opportunities are posted on the Human Resource Bulletin Board in J-Wing.  When Department of Personnel Promotional Announcements are received, they will be posted the first of every month.  These announcements will remain posted until the 21st of each month.

Promotional Announcements  - Click on the job title to view the announcement.

Supervisor of Accounts 

 A classified employee who receives an appointment to a higher competitive classified title must take a promotional examination before the appointment can be made permanent.  The appointment to the new position is provisional until the next exam is offered and the employee passes it.  In cases where the employee has successfully passed promotional examinations, and is already on an eligibility list, they can become permanent at the completion of their Working Test Period.

 1.  Classified Promotions

When an employee is promoted out of a classified career service title to an unclassified title, the employee relinquishes all rights and privileges of a classified employee, such as seniority within their title and bumping rights.  Although all health benefits remain unchanged, the Pension Program may require the employee to change from PERS (Public Employees Retirement Systems) to ABP (Alternate Benefit Plans) or sign a waiver to remain in PERS.

The supervisors or managers of both affected departments will be consulted to determine a reasonable timeframe for the transfer of a promoted employee.  It is standard procedure for a position transfer to occur within two weeks of the employee receiving the job offer.  However, exceptions for longer transfer periods are permitted.

 Application for Classified Promotion Pending Examination
 Application for Classified Promotion  

2.  Non-Competitive Promotions

Non-Competitive promotions are open to anyone who meets the qualifications of the job specification.  There is no formal examination process. 

 Application for Non-Competitive Promotion

3.  Lateral Transfer

A lateral title change is the movement of a permanent employee from his or her permanent title to an equivalent title within the University.  If the nature of the work, education and experience requirements of both titles are substantially similar the employee will retain his or her permanent status.  Employees interested in transfer opportunities may apply by completing a lateral transfer application.  Every effort will be made for a smooth transition within a reasonable amount of time.

             Application for Lateral Transfer